Even if it's not always the case, the Kia EV9 appears to have more attractive design features than the Tesla Model X. In fact,

some people think the Tesla Model X is one of the least attractive EVs on the market right now. Given the overwhelmingly positive

response the EV9 has had since its 2021 debut, it's clear that aesthetics alone make the EV9 the superior EV. Not only is the Model X large, but it also lacks the modern appearance of the EV9. Most SUVs on the

market today, including the more conventional-looking Model X, have this problem. With dimensions of 198.3

inches in length and 66.3 inches in height, the Model X is a veritable monster among electric SUVs. Prototype images provided

by Kia show that the EV9 is somewhat huge, but the model is able to blend in with its environment because to its understated yet modern styling