The three screens that come standard on the Model X are a 17.0-inch landscape infotainment screen that dominates the dashboard, a smaller digital readout that serves as the gauge cluster, and a touchscreen located at

the back of the vehicle that passengers can use to access the entertainment system and choose features. The infotainment screen is crucial to the way the car runs

because it controls everything. The touchscreen has been the source of many customer complaints, though, so

this is clearly not the case. In fact, more than 63,000 affected devices were subject to a large recall in 2020 by the NHTSA

o have their touchscreens replaced. It appears that an early failure of the media control unit (MCU) is to blame for the malfunctioning of features including

online browsing, climate control, and the rearview camera display. If the touchscreen freezes, you'll have to park the car and reset the infotainment system.