Despite being a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla has had a tough go of it for a long time because of all the noise about its prices. In response, the business has announced that it will significantly lower the prices of its models,

making them more affordable for average drivers. The price of an environmentally friendly vehicle, such as the Model Y,

will decrease by $20,500, or over 30%, thanks to this shift by Tesla and the federal tax credits that drivers will receive. Despite the price cut, the long-range AWD Model X will still cost over $100,000, making it out of

reach for most drivers. In contrast, Kia has kept the price of the new EV9 much lower than the recently reduced Model X. Kia is great at keeping its models reasonably priced; for example, a fully equipped Kia Telluride costs

not even $54,000! The Telluride isn't an EV by any stretch of the imagination, but it does show that for less than half the price of the Model X, Kia can make a solid SUV. The all-electric crossover EV6, which debuted in 2023, offers

prices beginning at just $48,500. By the end of the year, Tesla might have a serious rival on their hands if the EV9 lives up to the expectations set by the EV6 and the Telluride.